KooBits E-Library

KooBits E-Library Widget Installation Guide
for KooBits Primary School

  1. Add the KooBits E-Library widget to your site

    Copy and paste code snippets (similar to codes below) onto web pages you like to display the widget. <script src="http://elibrary.koobits.com/content/bookshelf.js" type="text/javascript" data-bookshelf="h2012201" ></script>* Place this snippet into the BODY section of web pages.
  2. Refresh the page, then you should see the KooBits E-Library widget there

    elib-g1 elib-g2

Watch Preview Video

If you have any questions on the KooBits E-Library and installation, please contact us: [email protected] or +65 6873 2370