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Hall Of Fame

Rules & Rubrics

How To Get Fame Point?
If the ebook you submitted got a 4.8 or above Editors’ Rating, you’ll earn 1 Fame Point.
You need to have at least one Fame Point to be featured on Hall of Fame. Student with the most Fame Points are featured upfront.

How To Achieve 4.8 Editors’ Rating Or Above?
See Editors’ judging criteria and rubrics below.

Judging Criteria

To qualify for KooBits Ebooks Hall of Fame, the participant needs to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Participant must be 13 years old and below at time of submission.
  • Participant must submit a full-body photo (min. 768 x 1024 px) within 30 days of nomination.
  • The ebook submitted must have at least 6 pages and 300 words.
  • The ebook submitted must achieve minimum 4.8 Editors’ Rating.

Judging Rubrics (for Editors’ Rating of 4.8 and above)

  • Highly unique, incorporating novel ideas into the creation
  • Displays inventiveness, often with unexpected twists or surprises.
  • Unique personality of author is highly reflected.
Elaboration of ideas
  • Main idea is elaborated clearly, engaging and focused; materials logically arranged in a fashion that is intuitive and easy to follow.
  • For narrative stories: creatively uses descriptive details such as flashback, foreshadowing and imagery to enhance/ advance the storyline. Establishes relevant information for problem/ plot, climax and solution (conclusion).
Language & Organization
  • Makes almost no errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Demonstrates good and appropriate use of vocabulary.
  • Creatively and skillfully sequences, paragraphs and links ideas and facts.
Graphical & Screen Design
  • Creatively and appropriately uses multimedia (e.g. graphics and animation) with words to deliver the story with dramatic effect.
  • Demonstrates high level of proficiency in visual design criteria such as balance, proportion and harmony of graphics and text.