KooBits E-Compo is an online programme for peer tutoring in writing.

It helps to free up 40% of teachers’ time in marking essays, and helps students improve their reading and writing skills.

Scroll down to see the problem it solves and how it works.

Almost all children make grammar
and spelling errors in their writing.


Our study shows that a typical 10-year-old makes approximately 8 language mistakes for every 100 words.


About 30% of children’s language mistakes are repeated.
If mistakes are not corrected, children will likely form wrong writing habits which can be even more difficult to change in the future.


To correct all the mistakes in a 300-words essay, a teacher will need to spend approximately 20 to 30 mins per child.


which means,
for a class of 40 students,
a teacher will have to
invest approximately 20 hours marking their essays.


A regular teacher has a total of 40 working hours per week.
50% of it is spent on marking essays alone.
It’s hard not to overwork.


So what’s the solution?

Welcome to

E-Compo is an online platform for peer tutoring in writing.

It helps to free up 40% of teachers’ time in marking essays,
thus allows teachers to enjoy more productive hours and
to focus on the engaging activities they love.


It helps students improve their reading and writing skills, and learn how to collaborate effectively.


Let’s see how it works…

Students write their essays using KooBits Editor,
which they can access online anytime, anywhere.


Students will then form groups and use the E-Compo software to edit peers’ writing.


E-Compo software provides a very structured language editing options to guide the students, which also helps to remind students about the language rules.


po-s15-1Students make corrections based on peers’ feedback before submitting to teachers.


po-s15-3Close to 70% of the common mistakes have already been eliminated before students’ writing reach the teachers.


po-s16-2Writing will then be graded by teacher based on language and content rubrics.

Students’ peer-grading will also be consolidated into class mean score.

Students can re-edit their work based on feedback from teachers,
after which they can publish and share their writing with
their friends, parents and even the public.


Students’ writing can be printed out,
along with comments from teachers and peers.


The consolidated class report and the collection of
students’ writing are ready for archive and future reference.


Through the peer-tutoring process,
E-Compo aims to help students

learn how to read carefully, with
attention to the details of a piece of writing
(whether their own or another writer’s);


learn how to strengthen their writing by taking into account the responses of actual and anticipated readers;


make the transition from writing primarily
for themselves or for a teacher
to writing for a broader audience;


learn how to formulate and communicate
constructive feedback on a peer’s work;


learn how to gather and respond to
feedback on their own work.


Want to know more?

KooBits E-Compo also comes with a collection of 500 writing templates, covering a wide range of topics and themes.


This is what a Picture Composition template looks like.
Teachers and students have the flexibility to
change and update the templates.


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